Meet Demi

Hi, welcome to made by demi !!! I am Demi and this is where I like to blog about all things pretty and crafty.

So who am I?

I was born with curiosity in my blood. As a kid I collected everything, from cute napkins and writing sets to stickers, fabrics, beads and buttons.
I’ve always loved the creative process and often I find myself trying out a new craft, hobby or technique. I love to look for new ways to make my life more beautiful and create pretty things.

Here are some facts about me

I am Greek

I lived  in England for 15 years

I used to be a science teacher

In my family we speak English, Greek, Spanish

I enjoy binge-watching Netflix series with my husband

I laugh out loud when my daughter is pulling faces

I was born curious and creative

I am passionate about people and life

I strive for the best I can be

I will never give up trying to challenge myself

My superpower is my determination and passion

I believe in the power of now

I will always set higher goals

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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