Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cozy-Granny Square Inspiration Series

hot water bottle cozy

Hi friends!!!

I am happy to share with you my latest favorite project; A Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cozy 🙂 This hot water bottle has been one of my ‘close’ friends during this pregnancy! Back pain, especially when I was still working, was(and still is) bothering me a lot and I found relief with this lovely.

hot water bottle cozy


One thing I had to do is make it as pretty as possible!!! And I think I did really well 🙂

As you can see, the Granny Square Inspiration Series continues and this is another super easy project. Fast to make and truly adorable to give as a gift as well!!

How to make a hot water bottle cozy

Different hot water bottles vary in size, but for this one I used 6 granny squares at the front and 6 at the back.

Click here for the best tutorials on the web!!

Stitch them together with a yarn needle and then, do a dc around to create a sleeve!

hot water bottle cozy

When you reach the top part of the neck, carry on doing a dc around it! You can do another chain, if you wish!!

And that’s it!! Easy, right?!

hot water bottle cozy

Remember, that granny squares are so versatile and you can create amazing things by putting them together!!

I am so in love with them, so I have and will be using them!!

How about you?

What’s your favorite crochet project or stitch?

hot water bottle cozy

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 Have a great week and stay inspired:)


8 Replies to “Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cozy-Granny Square Inspiration Series”

  1. Great project and very practical.

  2. Looks so cheerful and pretty! If the warmth doesn’t help, I’m sure the looks will make you feel better 🙂

    1. Thank you Sigrid for your lovely comment 🙂 Have a wonderful week!!

  3. This is so cute. I have recently learnt the granny square and have lots lying around the house. Now I have a project so I can put them to good use! #handmademonday

    1. Thank you so much Louisa!! That’s what I do, too!! I love making them and at times I discover a different project to use them!! Have fun and stay inspired!!

  4. I love this Demi, such a great scrap buster project.

    1. Thanks Julie!!! I need to put all those random granny squares into some use 🙂

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