How to make a God’s Eye – a fun craft for kids and adults

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Hi all,

It’s the end of January and what a month it has been! Personally, the beginning of 2018 has marked the start of my third trimester and the beginning of my maternity leave. This has led to many changes and the most important one is being at home, nesting and enjoying family life!

In addition, I have had lots of free time to try out different projects and one of them is learn How to Make a God’s Eye.

I must say that this is one of the projects I wanted to try out for sometime and finally I got the time and chance to make it. I followed the video tutorial of Faith Hale on CreativeBug and it was so much fun!!!!

Materials to make a God’s Eye

  1. scrap yarn
  2. Dowers (or straws or skewers)
  3. scissors
  4. Glue

I personally used straws because I wanted to insert string and beads to hang it. I also had lots of scrap yarn and made a pastel God’s Eye!!


If you have been a subscriber on my newsletter, then you will know that I have signed up with CreativeBug in order to continue learning new things and even attempt more difficult projects.

What is CreativeBug?

Well, it is a makers ‘paradise’. It is an online platform that offers online classes on crafts like: art+design, sewing, quilting, crochet, knitting, paper, food+home, jewelry, and kids crafts. We all love to make things, even though we might not be ‘professional’ at it, we still love to try out fun crafts. The only thing that keeps us from that mostly, is the lack of time. That’s where CreativeBug comes along and offers short videos on-demand, and makes our lives so much better 🙂

How much does it cost to join CreativeBug?

Well, actually this is the part that most of you wonder! I can tell you that it costs $4.95 per month and you can get a FREE 14 day trial by pressing the link below:

What you get with the monthly subscription is access to all, yes ALL, the lessons available on their website! You can save your favorite ones, you can download free patterns and credits for lifetime access. For each month of subscription, you will receive one credit to save the class of your choice to your personal library. Classes added to your library never expire, even if you cancel your subscription.

A few months ago, I didn’t have much time to follow any classes and I put a ‘pause’ on my subscription for 3 months, and now that I have more free time, I resumed it!! How cool is that?!

And if you get stuck on what gift to give to your friends and family maybe a 3-month subscription is what you are looking for! It costs only $14.85 and there are also 6-month and 12-month subscriptions available, too.

Why is CreativeBug so cool?

First of all, it is full of useful ideas and projects for the whole family. It is affordable, the instructors are amazing and it’s for creative souls of all kinds.

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Thank you 🙂
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That’s all fo today! I hope you try it out yourselves and don’t forget that creative classes don’t need to be expensive and time-consuming! Have fun and share the love of creation 🙂


4 Replies to “How to make a God’s Eye – a fun craft for kids and adults”

  1. What a great idea. I used to run a children’s craft club, and that would have been perfect.

    1. Thank you so so much for stopping by!! My daughter loved making one as well 🙂

  2. I remember making these when I was a kid, so much fun. I love the colours you choose.

    1. Thanks Julie!! It was really fun to make and since then, me and my daughter have made a few more 🙂

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