Crochet Lovey Blankie-The Perfect Baby Gift

crochet lovey blankie

Hello my lovelies,

it’s been a while with all the festivities but I am back!!!

I love Christmas but I also love the time after, where I get to plan and organize myself for a productive and successful year.

How do you feel after Christmas is over?

Does it take a few days to get back to your usual tasks or do you dig in straight away?

Another wonderful thing for me at this point is that as of today, I am officially on maternity leave!!! Yeah!!! I still have a million things to do before baby is here but at least I am at home and don’t have to commute 3 hours a day!!

So, the first post of 2018 is, yes you guessed it, a Crochet Lovely Blankie I made for my baby girl!!!

crochet lovey blankie

How to make a Crochet Lovey Blankie

I always wanted to try making one Crochet Lovey Blankie and now that I am expecting, there was no reason to delay it! You know my love for granny squares by now, so that was not hard to make. I chose to make a solid granny square and if you want to know where I learnt it, click here .

The one I needed to learn how to crochet was the head or in general a round ball. So, I found this very easy tutorial on YouTube (where else!!) and I think I did good 🙂

I guess it depends what kind of learner you are. I am definitely a visual learner and I found it easier to watch someone do something and follow along. If you are like me, then this tutorial should be the right one. If not, then there are plenty of written patterns you can follow.

crochet lovey blankie

This Crochet Lovey Blankie has three parts: a granny square, a head and a pair of ears. The facial features can be done with thread and you can try out different ones. Mine resembles a teddy bear, a cat, or something like that!! hahahaha….I am not that bothered but it is definitely cute 🙂

crochet lovey blankie

crochet lovey blankie


Crochet Lovey Blankies make the perfect gift for newborn babies. It can be the first cuddly toy a baby can have, and will be cherished forever. It doesn’t take long to make and every mum will love to have one for her little one.

Go ahead and make one!! I am sure you can come up with lots of ideas and colors.

crochet lovey blankie

  I hope you all enjoyed this first project for 2018. I wish you all a fantastic New Year, full of creative projects and fun ideas 🙂

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2 Replies to “Crochet Lovey Blankie-The Perfect Baby Gift”

  1. That looks lovely! So cute!! And I’m really glad for you that you’re home now, without work stress or traffic stress! Enjoy and take care,

    1. Thank you Sigrid!! I am planning to enjoy this part of the journey as much as I can, and crochet as many things possible 🙂 I hope you have a great year ahead!!

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