How to Crochet Earmuffs {an easy winter crochet project}

Hi y’all!!

I am back with a new crochet project and it’s one that I am quite proud of!!I will show you how I made a pair of new Crochet Earmuffs for my daughter, using an old frame.

My daughter is addicted to her earmuffs during winter and her old ones were really run down! So, I had an idea…to crochet Earmuffs using her favorite colors 🙂


Materials you will need:

  • yarn in the colors of your choice
  • earmuffs frame from old ones or make one using some wire
  • yarn needle
  • scissors
  • stuffing


crochet earmuffs


It is so easy to make. First thing I did was to strip down the old one and leave the wire.

Then, I crochet 4 identical circles. I used two yarn together(light blue and white) so it can be more sturdy.

I made two pink hearts and attached them on the outside circles.

I used a yarn needle to attached the circles together on the frame and before closing them, I added stuffing.

To crochet the top part, I used two yarns together(pink and white). I did a simple 3-rows chain and stitched it up.


crochet earmuffs

I never thought it would be so easy and fun to make. It is only a very quick project and can be ideal for a Christmas gift!!

Perfect or those cold days ahead!!

crochet earmuffs


I leave you with a smile 🙂

Have fun in whatever you do and stay inspired!



2 Replies to “How to Crochet Earmuffs {an easy winter crochet project}”

  1. That looks fabulous, I love the last picture 🙂
    I once did that too, used an old earmuffs frame and made 2 catheads on the ears. But I love the one you made more because of the colours and hearts. That sweetheart will have warm and cosy ears this winter 🙂

    1. Thanks Sigrid!! It was so fun to make them and yes, my daughter is so in love with her new earmuffs and proud to show them around 🙂

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