10 Affordable Handmade Gifts for Christmas

Hello all,

we are approaching the Festive Season fast and apart from all the excitement, we are starting to think what gifts to get our loved one! I know it’s only 42 days till Christmas but there shouldn’t be any stress involved in one of the most beautiful seasons of the year! Am I right?

What I prepared for you is a list of the 10 Affordable Handmade Gifts for Christmas that I hope you find really useful!! You know me, I love handmade things and I truly believe that Holiday Gifts are meant to be symbolic and personal!

I know it requires a bit of effort on your side but the person receiving the gift will be over the moon!! Or you can just choose to buy something ready 🙂

The choice is yours…

The list of gifts below are my own selection of beautiful things I discovered around the web, made by very talented bloggers! I hope you like my selection!!

So, here is the 10 Affordable Handmade Gifts for Christmas

  1. Cookies in a Jar (by kevinandamanda.com)

    Who doesn’t love cookies?! This is one very easy gift idea!

cookies in a jar


2. DIY Sugar Scrub (by lovegrowswild.com)

A beauty product that will be much appreciated 🙂


3. Crochet Baby Blanket (by madebydemi.com)

Anyone expecting a new baby or just had a new addition to their family? Then, this gift will be cherished for life!

granny square baby blanket

4.Baked Banana Bread (by www.glamorousglutton.com)

Yummy, yummy…..

baked banana bread

5. Hand painted Christmas Mugs (by www.lifeatcobblehillfarm.com)

For coffee lovers, hot chocolate addicts and many more.

6. Christmas Gift Candles (by www.the36thavenue.com)

Candles are a must during the festive season and your friends/family will love them!!

7. Bath Bombs (by www.acultivatednest.com)

Delicious and much-needed during the holidays!

8. DIY Handwarmers ( by raeannkelly.com)

Winter is harsh and our hands need a warm feeling 🙂

9. Gift Wrap Set (by iheartnaptime.net)

This gift is for the crafty person that loves to give gifts!

10. Gift Basket for Kids (by www.mommytipsbycole.com)

Kids love all things small, and of course the more the better!! So a basket idea could really save the day 😉

Have a lovely week and stay inspired!!




4 Replies to “10 Affordable Handmade Gifts for Christmas”

  1. What a great selection! I particularly liked the candles so I might give it a try :).

    1. Thanks Teodora!! I used to make candles -so easy to do- and I think I need to get back into it 🙂

  2. What a lovely selection, I did a gift wrap basket once but didn’t make it look anywhere near as good as this . I’m inspired!

    1. Thank you Julie!! I love gift baskets in general and they can truly save the day, if you run out of ideas!!

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