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back to school printables

Hi everyone!!

Are you getting ready to send your kids back to school? It is funny how in different countries schools start on different dates or even months! Here, in Greece, schools start on the 11th of September (kids get 3 months of summer holidays) but I know that in other countries they have started already! When I used to live and teach in London, the official back to school day for teachers was the 1st of September and kids will follow the next day.

When do schools open where you are?

I think from the moment you become a parent and you have kids of a school age, then everything goes around their schedule. Sometimes, when I talk about the ‘New Year’ I usually refer to the new school year, rather than the calendar year. Funny, huh?!

I always believed that a great start to the school year, sets our kids to a fantastic and successful academic journey! So, I designed some very important FREE Back To School Printables that will set the right note!

back to school printables


How to make children be responsible

Children love to follow their parents’ example and act in a similar fashion. So, for instance, if you leave things to the last minute, then most likely, your child will copy this behavior. In most cases, parents can teach children simple ways to be more responsible. When children start school, one of the ways to do that, is by keeping a weekly timetable of activities. This should not only include their school subjects but also other activities, such as sports, languages and even playtime. It is a way that kids will understand how we allocate time for different things and make adjustments if needed.


back to school printables

Why is it important for children to set goals?

Goal-setting is so so important at every stage of our lives and if it’s done from a young age, then it will lead to amazing things. Teaching children how to set goals, is something you must be familiar with. If you, as an adult and parent, are setting goals frequently then it will be easy to pass that on to your kids. Setting goals for the month, the next six months and for the year, is a good start and can include many things. For example, some goals can be about school achievement, but can also be about learning something new or adopting a new routine.

back to school printables

Motivating children

Motivating children and teaching them how to be proud of their abilities is as important as a healthy diet. Everyone is unique and we all have special gifts that we need to cultivate, in order to be the best of ourselves. As a parent, I find that showing my daughter her special gifts is a continuous journey. There is peer pressure and stereotypes, and to KNOW herself in such a young age is a hard job. I must constantly remind her and encourage her in her dreams, hopes and aspirations. This is my most important job: to raise a young child to become a confident person, loving her unique characteristics, and be open to new ideas.

back to school printables

So, my friends I have created a little bundle of Back to School Printables that your little people will love and you can set the right tone for the new school year. I hope you like them and share them, too 🙂

Have a wonderful start to the new school year


let’s help those little people become great and proud of themselves!!



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  1. These are so fun! 🙂

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely printables. In most parts of the UK you’re right, the kids go back normally int he first week in September. Mine are all finished now though! This is the first year in 18 that I’ve not been packing someone off to school 🙁

    1. Thanks Julie! I guess when kids grow up and leave school,a big chunk of your daily routine changes! I am sure it hard in the beginning! I wish yours have every success in their lives 🙂

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