Crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow

crochet tooth fairy pillow

Hey everyone!!

I am so happy to be here and share with you this week’s creation; A Crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow!!

crochet tooth fairy pillow

If you are a parent of a young child, then you will definitely know that baby teeth, when they fall, need to be put in a place (under or next to the pillow) for the tooth fairy! So, one of those evenings, we {almost} lost a tooth and the fairy couldn’t find it 🙁 I decided to make a little tooth fairy pillow, so it can be easy for the fairy to find it!!

I didn’t follow a specific pattern but more of what felt right! Not very crochet-appropriate terminology but sometimes I don’t know what is going to come out…I just crochet and see the result! This time, I just started with a simple chain and then crochet in a rectangular round. When, I got to the part of the separate parts, I crochet a cone on each side by reducing one. I also did a little square pocket for the back and stitched that, too.

crochet tooth fairy pillow

Then,  I cross-stitched the closed pink-eyelashed eyes & mouth. I added some toy stuffing and stitched it to seal it. Lastly, I added two mini pom poms (see tutorial here) and all under an hour!! Not bad, for my first little try-to-be amigurumi Crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow 🙂

crochet tooth fairy pillow

One of the things this project taught me, is that even the not-so-perfect creations can be cute. My daughter thought it was so pretty and she can’t wait for the next tooth to fall off, so she can use it!

What more to ask?

crochet tooth fairy pillow

Have a great week everyone!


Demi x

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6 Replies to “Crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow”

  1. This is really adorable. Every little one should have one of these.

    1. Thank you, Leanna for your sweet comment 🙂

  2. What a sweet little tooth fairy pillow!

    1. Thank you so much!!

  3. So cute. I could really have done with these when our kids were little, the number of times I’d be rummaging around a pillow trying to find a tooth wrapped in tissue hoping not to wake the kids! These are such a brilliant idea, every child should have one!
    Thanks so much for stopping by at Handmade Monday to share your lovely project with us.

    1. I know!! It’s crazy! The things we do as parents and never(almost never) get caught 🙂 We just need to make it easy on us and fun for them!!
      Thank you, Julie for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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