Crochet Heart Keychain-Easy Tutorial

Hi friends!

How is February treating you? It is the last month of winter and yet it doesn’t feel like that 🙂 One of the highlights of this month is my husband’s birthday that falls a few days before Valentine’s Day! So, love and hugs is the theme of the month!!

I love it when an idea comes to mind and then I can execute it in a matter of 20 minutes or less!!

That’s how this Crochet Heart Keychain idea came to mind! It is the month of making lots and lots of hearts; so that’s what I did!

How to crochet a simple heart-Easy Tutorial

If you don’t know how to make this simple crochet heart, look here!

What will I need to make a Crochet Heart Keychain?

  • scissors
  • cotton wool
  • 2 crochet hearts
  • yarn
  • yarn needle
  • crochet hook
  • key ring

crochet heart keychain

How to put together the Crochet Heart Keychain

crochet heart keychain

Go around and stitch the two hearts together. Leave a gap, big enough to add the cotton wool.

crochet heart keychain

Add the cotton wool and then finish off stitching up the hearts.

crochet heart keychain

Now, the next step is to crochet a simple chain and stitch that on the heart! Add the key ring and if you want to, add some beads, too!

crochet heart keychain

Your Crochet Heart Keychain is ready! Keep for yourself or give it as a gift! Use any color you like, although a red heart is stunning 🙂 If you make a few of these hearts, you can make wall decoration for Valentine’s Day!! Use your imagination and I am sure you will come up with amazing things!

crochet heart keychain

crochet heart keychain

Have a lovely week 🙂

Demi x




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