DIY Valentine’s Day Card

valentines day card

Hi everyone!

How are you? Are you crafting? I am doing a bit of everything these days but, one thing is for sure, I never stop 🙂 I am squeezing in and sharing today  a DIY Valentine’s Day Card I made! I was not sure if I should share it but then, I thought again! After all, the reason I have this blog is to inspire other people be more creative and not be afraid of showing/sharing their creations!

valentines day card

This Valentine’s Day Card is simple to make! It is not perfect but who cares about that…it was made with buckets of love 🙂

What will I need to make this Valentine’s Day Card?

  • card
  • a piece of fabric
  • cutter
  • a heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • cotton wool
  • double-sided sticky tape


valentines day card


Instructions to make the Valentine’s Day Card

  1. Use the cookie cutter to draw a heart on the front part of the card
  2. Use the cutter to cut it carefully
  3. Place the fabric from the inside of the card
  4. Place enough cotton wool to fill the heart shape
  5. fold the fabric and add sticky tape
  6. Place on top of that some other paper
  7. Decorate

valentines day card

valentines day card

Time to decorate. I used a gold pen to decorate the outside. On the inside, just share the love <3

valentines day card


valentines day card

Not perfect, but it will do its job! Be brave and do something unusual for your loved one! What matters is that you did it yourself and made it unique!

valentines day card

If you are looking for more inspiration, have a look at my post about other DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts, or you can print one of my Free Valentine’s Day Wall Art!

Have fun!!

Demi x


2 Replies to “DIY Valentine’s Day Card”

  1. This looks so nice. As you said, not perfect, but the most important thing is that you did it, by yourself! This is a great idea! Have a nice Sunday!

    1. Thank you so much! What’s important is to share our creations and always try to improve on them! Have a wonderful Sunday, too 🙂

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