Love Cookies Recipe {free printable labels}

love cookies

Hi lovely people!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Love Cookies are here to save the day 🙂 We are all busy but these cookies are so easy and quick to make that there is no excuse!

love cookies

Love Cookies Recipe

makes approx. 12

prep. time and baking approx. 30min


6 tbsps butter

2 & 1/2 tbsps sugar

1 tbsp baking powder

vanilla extract

2-3 tbsps cocoa powder

1 &  3/4 plain flour

love cookies


First, we mix sugar and butter together, using a handheld mixer. We add all the ingredients (not the cocoa powder) and mix well. Try to add the flour slowly, so you can get the consistency right. What you are looking for, is a firm dough that does not crumble.

Then, divide the dough in two parts. Add the cocoa powder in one and mix till the color is consistent. Wrap both parts in cling film and put them in the fridge for 5 min.

Take them out of the fridge and roll out two squares. Use two different-sized heart cutters to cut the cookies. Place the big cookies on grease-proof paper and add the little heart cookies on top of them. Bake at 180 C until they are golden. Leave to cool before putting them in a jar.

love cookies

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea:

Valentine’s Day Love Cookies are ready now 🙂 The only thing you need is a pretty jar and my printable label.

  1. ‘You are the milk to my cookies’

2. ‘We go together like cookies & milk ‘

love cookies

Download your FREE printable labels here

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Demi x


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  1. “We go together like cookies & milk” How adorable, I love it!!
    I came to visit through Nifty Thrifty; I hope you’ll take a minute to stop by the 4Shoes, look around, & let me know you’ve been to visit!

    1. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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