Granny Square Tote Bag {Part 1}

granny square tote bag

Hi all 🙂

If you don’t know by now that I LOVE granny squares, then I am telling you…it’s true; I {heart} granny squares!!

What a better woman’s accessory than a large tote bag! A carry-all granny square tote bag is my kind of bag!

granny square tote bag

granny square tote bag
solid granny squares in 3 different color combinations

How to put the bag together

I went with the standard, classic solid granny square and I just changed the motif, using threee different colors. As you can see from the pictures, each side of the bag has 9 granny squares and the middle part (in black) another 9 squares. The middle part forms the bottom and sides of the bag.


granny square tote bag

I made sure to join the granny squares giving them an edge on the parts that going to be forming the frame of the bag.


granny square tote bag

How to make your own bag handles

After that, I got a rope to use for bag handles. The reason I used a rope is because I wanted something firm and not stretchy.Cut the rope in the length that you like to carry your bag. Then, do a single crochet around each rope and try to finish it to the edge.

granny square tote bag

Don’t worry about the last bit that you can’t ‘hide’. The next step will make sense 😉

granny square tote bag

This part of the bag making, is to crochet a rectangle a bit longer than the rope doing sc or hdc. I did hdc and went around it until I got to be big enough to wrap the rope.

granny square tote bag

Look how I left a bit at the end? That will be used to attach the handle to the bag. Stitch the rest and leave again a bit at the other end.

granny square tote bag

Time to stitch the ag handles. Make sure you stitch it really well, so your handles don’t become loose.

granny square tote bag

 Part 1 of Granny Square Tote Bag is completed.

What do you think?

I feel quite pleased, because it is the first BIG bag I am making and it is a project I started some time ago! That feeling of satisfaction when you finish one of your creations never goes away…at least for me! I have the same excitement like I did with my first project!

granny square tote bag

Next, in Part 2, I will be showing you how I added a fabric lining and finishing touches!

Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, have a look some easy granny square projects I completed here here and here!



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