Canva vs. Picmonkey-Free Graphic Design Tools {Free download}

canva vs picmonkey

Hi all,

During 2016, my first year of blogging, I’ve learnt so much and continue to do so. The most important thing  I realized is that images are powerful and a blogger must pay attention to them. Either you use images for your blog posts, or social media, like Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, they are a great part of your social media strategy. Canva and Picmonkey are my top 2 choices for designing professional-looking images with a few easy steps.

Canva: a simple drag & drop graphic design software

canva vs. picmonkey

Picmonkey:Free online image editing tool

canva vs. picmonkey

What if you are not a blogger?

Graphic design tools are important for all sorts of online or paper projects! If they are free, even better! You get to do amazing things with no cost and a professional result very easily! I will go through the strong points of each one and hopefully give you enough information to go and try them out!

Canva vs. Picmonkey

Canva or Picmonkey? I personally use both equally! Both of these tools are amazing but they offer slightly different things. I started using Canva first and then discovered Picmonkey. It took me very little time to create something I was proud of and I spend lots of time playing around with both.

And that’s where the magic happens…

While using one, you discover an element that the other one has and end up using both of them to create your final masterpiece! I literally can’t live without them, because as I get to know both of these programs, I become more attached 🙂 Yes, I know…it can get addictive but in a good way! You don’t need to spend money on a professional graphics design software; both Canva and Picmonkey can offer lots of options.


How can you use both?

Having the power to create visual content for blog posts, social media posts or for personal projects is fantastic. Think about making some invitations for your wedding, or birthday party, a new menu for your restaurant or a collage with all your favorite photos!  More and more people these days share pictures, or other content online and with these tools, you can personalize them and make them unique!

You will probably find that go back and forward from Canva to Picmonkey and vice versa is what you need to do sometimes to create the perfect result. In addition, the great thing about both tools is that they always add more features, elements, templates and much more!

Go ahead and play 🙂 You will get hooked…that’s a promise!


I have something special for you 🙂

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Canva was created for all of you to download for free. It is a step by step guide {with screenshots} to take you from the signing up process all the way to creating your first social media post. Actually, this is an easy-to-use guide that will allow you to create a socialo media post to wish your friends, colleagues and others ‘Happy New’! How cool is that?

What are you waiting for…

Download The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Canva Now

free canva guide to download

My FREE Canva Guide

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  1. I’ve been a fan of picmonkey for a few years. Off to try Canva now!

    1. I started off with Canva and then discovered picmonkey. I hope my Canva guide can help out! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. Using both does create a great product! Thanks for sharing the side by side comparison!

    1. I believe that one compliments the other and therefore, in order to create a great product you should benefit from both. Thank you Roseann for stopping by 🙂

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