Crochet Christmas Tree {step by step instructions}

crochet christmas tree

Hi everyone!!

How exciting….Christmas is around the corner and preparations are underway(or that’s what I want to believe :P).  It has been a busy week and it’s not finished yet but I can’t complain. I am happy and I am getting things done, despite obstacles that come my way!!

I want to share today something simple and quick to make!

It’s a Crochet Christmas Tree 🙂 Learn how to crochet a Christmas tree with step by step instructions.



Step 1: Slip knot and chain 5

Step 2: Slip stitch in the first chain.

Step 3: chain 2, 3 hdc (US terms), chain 3, 4 hdc, chain 3, 4 hdc, slip stitch

crochet christmas tree

Step 4: chain 5, 4 hdc in the first corner/gap, chain 3, 4 hdc in the same corner/gap, chain 3, 4dhc in the next gap, chain 3, 4 hdc in the same corner/gap, chain 3, 4hdc in the next corner/gap, chain 3, 3 hdc in the same corner/gap

Step 5: slip stitch on chain 2 (from the chain 5 you did at the start of step 4)

Step 6: chain 2, 3 hdc in the gap, 1 hdc in the 2nd stitch as in picture 6.


Step 7: Continue around by doing 4hdc in a gap and 1 hdc in the middle stitch.

Step 8: slip stitch

Step 9: chain 1, 4 hdc in each stitch to create the trunk of the Christmas tree. chain one, turn, and do another 4 hdc. slip stitch and weave in the ends.


I love how simple this Christmas Tree is to make. You can use it to decorate your Christmas tree, make a few and give them as a gift, make a garland or even use as a wrapping presents decoration 🙂


Have fun making these and share your pictures below or even on social media! I would love to check them out 😉


<3 Merry Kisses and hugs to you  <3





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