10 Handmade Baby Shower Gifts

Hello 🙂

Lately, I have been asked to make baby shower gifts and as I would in a case like this, I searched online for inspiration. I love snooping around in people’s blogs and discover amazing things. This time was no different 🙂 I came up with a list of 10 different baby shower gifts that I hope you will find them  easy and quick to make! I personally don’t have much time, so I know how it feels to want to do nice things but  lack the time. So, I hope you will be pleased with my finds.



Let’s begin:


  1. Diaper Babies (by Frugal Fanatic) So cute and really useful  for the new mom.
Diaper babies by Frugal Fanatic

2. Baby Mittens (by made to be a momma)

I love these little cuties. I never thought I needed them, when my daughter was born but I was wrong!

Baby Mittens (by made to be a momma)

3. Baby To-Go Bags (by erin lincoln) Okay, this gift is for the super-organized mom that is out and about and needs the essentials in hand! Super cool!

Baby To-Go Bags

4. Crochet Baby Booties (by Repeat Crafter Me) I love, love, love these little booties!! Simple pattern but  adorable! And I bet it can be made in no time 🙂

Crochet Baby Booties (by Repeat Crafter Me)


5. Pacifier Pocket ( by Make it and Love it) Well, I don’t know about your babies but when my daughter was using a pacifier, she will hide it in weird places. Other times, it will be just lying around collecting dust and I had to wash it a million times! Why not try this cute pocket? I vote yes!!

Pacifier Pocket ( by make it and love it)

6.  Crib Toy/Book Holder (by Craftiness is not Optional) Handy and sweet, this holder can be used at all ages. The design is simple and you can choose any color combination you like!

crib toy/book holder (craftiness is not optional)


7. Crochet Baby Blanket (by made by demi) Cozy and soft, a baby blanket is probably one of the first items to use when the baby arrives!

crochet baby blanket by made by demi


8. Vintage-Trimmed Onesies (by icandy handmade) Style and babies should not be two separate things. This gift is so unique and I believe all moms will love them.

vintage-trimmed onesies ( by icandy handmade)

9. Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake ( by Thoms crafts and treats) Are you a bit more adventurous? Then, combine useful products and your imagination to create a piece of art!

diaper train ( by Thoms crafts and treats)

10. Diaper Wreath (by homemade gifts made easy) Another useful and affordable gift that moms will love. Sometimes, simple things can be assembled in such a way that have the wow factor!

Diaper Wreath (by homemade gifts made easy)

So, have you got now enough ideas to take away and create your own piece of magic? I would love to see what you made, so don’t hesitate to post a picture below!

And remember,

moms and babies need love and positive energy, so infuse your gifts with plenty of that 🙂

Demi x














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