10 Crafts to Try (and make handmade gifts for your loved ones)

Hey everybody!!

Ideas, ideas, and more ideas 🙂 That’s why I do what I do. I love to try making different things. Sometimes I am happy with the result and sometimes I fail badly, but what matters for me is the experience. And you know what; it is okay to fail, it is all part of the learning process and a step closer to your next masterpiece 😉

I have this friend that she is into lots of crafting as well and we usually chat about what we’re up to at the moment and bounce of ideas from each other. That’s how I started crochet. It was a couple of years ago when she came one day with a bag of yarn and a crochet hook and said to me ‘have a go; you might like it’! And that’s what I did and you know the story; I fell in love with crochet !

So, I thought about writing a blog post about some crafts that YOU could try, and who knows….maybe you’ll find your favorite one!


Let’s start then…

  1. Jewellery 

Who doesn’t like jewellery? All girls love to look at them, wear them and give them to loved ones! There are many ways and materials you can use to create necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Depending your preferred medium, there is an endless number of designs. There are numerous free and paid courses you can take to improve your skill and not forget the online tutorials that will be very valuable to you.

I chose one example for you that I love. It is a necklace from design sponge!


2. Bags

Another favourite of mine! Bags, bags and more bags please! I never have enough and I would love to make all of them on my own! Here is the classic tote bag that we love to carry around and it is perfect for all seasons 🙂 This one is from helenrawlinson!



3. Baby Toys

Another useful craft is making baby toys, especially if you have many friends having babies! This one is from So Sew Easy!


4. Kids clothing

This one requires a bit more skill but if you know how to use a sewing machine, why not trying to make something that is useful. I chose this example, because I have a daughter and she loves her leggings! It is from the lovely makeit-loveit!


5. Blankets

Is there anyone on this planet that doesn’t have a blanket? I don’t think so! That will require you to know or learn how to crochet/knit. After that the size and design of each of your blankets will be unique and personalized! In this example I am sharing with you a baby blanket 🙂 Isn’t it lovely? This one is a made by demi blanket!



6. Candles

I once attended a one-day workshop on how to make candles and I truly loved it. The process is straight forward and you can have your own candles around your home smelling gorgeous. In this example, I am sharing an idea that I would love to try from BRIT+CO.


7. Bath Products

Do you like gorgeous smells and having a bath? Then, why not try making some products for you or your friends. In this example you can learn how to make bath bombs by This Grandma is Fun.


8. Hair Accessories

Cute, elegant, smart and unique, hair accessories are a fashionable detail that most girls adore. Making hair accessories is not a difficult process and can include many different types of materials. Here is a simple but cute example from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom


9. Gadget Cases

Everyone is obsessed with gadgets nowadays and what a better way to personalize your own with a bit of DIY. Phone cases are very popular and this example shows you how to create a unique and stylish iPhone case by A Beautiful Mess.


10. Cushions

Do you like cushions? If you do, then here an example from The Crafted Sparrow, where she creates a custom cushion for Halloween. How about making some for Christmas as well?


I hope this list gave you enough ideas to consider and have a go at making something. Trying out something won’t harm you, in the contrary, it will be very beneficial to your confidence and spirits. Be brave and try it out! You will have so much fun that you will wonder why you never did it earlier 🙂

Please share below your new projects with a picture (if you want) !! I would love to have a look what inspired you 🙂

Demi  x







3 Replies to “10 Crafts to Try (and make handmade gifts for your loved ones)”

  1. Some lovely ideas there! I used to have my own business making handmade soaps and bath products which I really loved so can highly recommend that! Xx

    1. Thanks Vicki for stopping by 🙂 I think bath products and soaps are gifts that all women love and never get tired of them!

      1. Definitely! It’s always nice to have a bit of a pamper 🛁

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