10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Harder

How many of you are experts in setting goals? I bet most of you! The issue arises when we have to set them in action and then we kind of regret writing them down…does this ring a bell?

Well, first of all you are not the only people on this planet that set goals but have no idea where to start. Truth is, it is much easier to set goals than actually doing something about them.

What are we missing? What is that thing that we don’t have yet?

My dear friends, it is all about motivation. You can be motivated when you write those goals down but you have trouble keeping the momentum.



So, how do we go about doing this?

There are some basic but important steps to do that. Here we go:

  1. Write down the reason you want something.

Make a list of five to ten reasons why you so badly want to achieve a specific goal. Dig deep and find the true reasons why these goals are so important to you.

This will help you keep your motivation levels high, as it will always act as a reminder. You have put a face, an experience or a feeling in your ultimate goal and that increases your levels of excitement. Hence, you are heading for success and not failure;


  1. Write your goals with positive connotations

 It is important to remember that when we use positive connotations our brain functions differently. When we feel that we are embarking on a positive, new journey then we can actually see everything in a positive way. We can therefore, set goals such as: eat more fresh fruit and veg, instead of saying cut down on sweets and fatty foods. Starting this journey in a positive way can bring us closer to our desired results.


  1. Tell yourself the truth.

Using excuses is a bad habit and we ought to look ourselves in the eyes and set the record straight. Who are trying to fool? Correct your  behavior and be true to yourself. Tell yourself that nobody will help you and the only person that truly cares for you is your own self! Did you get that? If you need more money, stop blaming the others or the system or the government or even your parents for all the ‘bad’ luck you think you have. Take action now. Realize that your future lies in your hands and you need to be honest with yourself. The moment you understand that, your motivation levels will rise to the top.


  1. Listen to something motivational everyday.

Brainwash yourself with motivational stories, advice and music. Tune in to something that will help you and stop listening to the ‘apocalyptic’ evening news. You need to bombard your brain with amazing things that will lift you up and will make you powerful! Be fearless and stay on the game. Never give up.


  1. Treat yourself.

Do things that you actually like and enjoy. Give yourself enough time to have fun and laugh. Be good to your body and mind. Feed them with the best of what is out there.


  1. Take one step at a time.

Remember that you are in a journey of change and that will take time. So, don’t be impatient and lose faith. You have your goals in hand, the only thing is to maintain your focus and stay on track.


  1. Find a mentor.

Who is that one person in your life that can offer you some positive masterminding experience? Is it a relative, a friend or a colleague? Usually, that person will be the one that always makes you feel better and is able to listen and brainstorm ideas with you.

       8. Read.

Read books. Read about the stories, strategies and advice of other successful people and align yourself in that frequency.


  1. Learn from the best.

Look at the people around you that you admire the most. What is it that you like about them? Is it something you can learn from them?  Stop wondering how things are done. Ask and get your answer.


  1. Feel Good.

It is wonderful to adopt new, positive habits and feel good. Embracing the new era of your life is exciting and fulfilling. Allow yourself to feel good about all this and listen to the sound of success!


Demi x





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