10 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Halloween traditions are very much alive and popular, especially among kids and teenagers and every year moms, like me are looking for easy crafts to do with their kids. Halloween is not celebrated here in my home-country, Greece. We actually have a similar celebration around February before Lent called Apokries (Carnival). Nonetheless, in my home we are multicultural and we embrace different traditions. My daughter has specifically asked us to decorate the house and make lots of spooky things 🙂 I am up for the challenge!! This is my first ever Halloween celebration and I am actually excited!!

As an avid blog follower and idea hunter, I gathered the easiest Halloween crafts you can make with your kids.



All the crafts below are inexpensive and very easy to make. You will mainly use household items,  like toilet rolls. Are you ready to have fun?

  1. Hanging Foam Bats
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For the Hanging Bats you will need :

2. Halloween Scary Garland

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For the Halloween Scary Garland you will need:

  • colored cards
  • colored pens
  • glue
  • scissors


3. Mummy Halloween Cards

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For the Mummy Halloween Cards you will need:


  • bandage (bought at the pharmacy)
  • carton (from cereal boxes)
  • googly eyes
  • glue


4. Mummy Cans

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For the Mummy Cans you will need:

5. Halloween Party Favors Bags

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For the Halloween Party Favor Bags you will need:

  • muslin favor bags
  • craft paint (black, purple and green)
  • glitter (black, purple and green)
  • pen/pencil
  • scissors
  • small paintbrush
  • transfer paper (optional)
  • templates

6. Scary faces

via upcycled-wonders.com

For the Scary Faces you will need:

  • toilet rolls
  • paints

7. Black Cats

via upcycled-wonders.com
via upcycled-wonders.com

For the Black Cats you will need:

8. Ghosts

via upcycled-wonders.com
via upcycled-wonders.com

For the Ghosts you will need:

  • toilet rolls
  • white paper
  • craft glue
  • black pen


9. Spider Webs

via blog.consumercrafts.com

For the Spider Webs you will need:

10. Witch Hat Headband

via smilemercantile.com

For the Witch Hat Headband you will need:

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  1. Awesome ideas! Will definitely try the spider webs 😍🕸

    1. Thank you 🙂 Have fun!! I am going to try and make them all this weekend with my daughter…it should be fun!!

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