DIY Kids Beach Bag

diy tote bag

Hello to all my lovely readers 🙂

Life is fast right now and I am about to take a well-deserved holiday break with my family! I am in a holiday-preparation mood and I had an idea for a little project. Since my lovely daughter is growing up and becoming more independent, I thought about making her a beach bag! I am usually the one carrying bigger and smaller bags to the beach and that’s how my idea was born 🙂 My daughter will feel grown up carrying her own unique beach bag and mummy will feel less loaded..hahaha!!!!


beach bag 1So, the first thing I did was to choose one of the many kids beach towels we have! My daughter approved and the first step was done!

Then, I cut the towel to the required size. This a no-sew project but be my guest and use a sewing machine if you have or prefer! I personally used a yarn needle to stitch the sides together. I folded the top part inwards and glued it with some fabric glue. Remember: my aim is to make a quick and easy bag!

beach bag

After that, I used some wide shoe laces in a pretty color as handles, and cut them to the require length. You must measure it according to the height of your child, and their prefered length! I stitched the shoe laces and that’s it! The bag is ready to be used! A 30-min-project is completed and I am quite pleased with the result.

Next step is to convince my daughter to pose for a few pictures…:)

beach bag 2
Posing with her new beach bag!

diy Beach Bag

Leave your kind comments and other suggestions below. Thanks for reading, liking, sharing and following 🙂 You are the best!

Demi x







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