Manifesting Your Big Dreams

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It is August and most of you might be on holiday, and some of you (like me) waiting to go on holiday! Wherever you are, I hope you are having fun and enjoying the last month of summer.

This month my motivational post is about manifesting your big dreams and how we can do that. People say that, when you are taking time off work, you should switch off and relax. Partly, I agree…! It is the time you should enjoy more quality time with your family and friends, get rid of unnecessary clutter in your head,  travel and recharge your batteries!

For me though, the time I have allocated for holidays and traveling is really a way to allow myself to tap into the right frequency of my BIG dreams. Actually, this is the thing we do as a family, when on holiday. This is our perfect holiday:) Set targets and make them as crazy as possible…and attach a big smile of achievement!

As an ambitious woman, I have always used different ways to manifest things into my life. Actually, when I was younger I didn’t even know that this is called manifestation…I just wanted some things so bad, that I believed that I could achieve them, and I did!


There are a lot of things I’ve manifested and the biggest one was when I was 18 and decided I wanted to study in England. When I think about it now, I still feel the excitement of my decision and despite everyone trying to convince me otherwise, I did it!! In the days of no Internet or Facebook or other ways to research where I am going, I felt confident and strong and found all the information I needed to achieve my goal. Since then, I have manifested many more things, like this blog and learning how to crochet and I am certainly not done yet!

I have also been writing things down and making endless lists of goals and thoughts. I love the idea of crossing out something and moving on to the next task or target! I make a bucket list every year but I also make monthly to-do lists. Keeping your self busy is what brings ideas to life!

Another way I use to manifest my BIG dreams is through vision boards I create. A collection of all the things you like, want to have and achieve can be put on a board, like a collage! The purpose of that is to look at it every single day and work towards manifesting them to your life.

I like to get better at something, and improving my skills is my top priority. Every opportunity for personal growth can only be a positive step towards my goals.

What matters is that you know what you want and align yourself with that frequency. If you are not sure where to start read below.

So, here are a few steps to help you on your journey of manifestation:

  • Think of something you want to manifest (state it out loud or write it down)

  • Feel it happening (what does it make you feel knowing that you have it already?)

  • Try a technique that works for you (videos, books*, vision boards, affirmations)

  • Verbalize what you want and let yourself hear it and believe it will happen

  • Open your self up to the possibilities & Trust that it will happen



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*My must-have book list:

  1. Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

  2. As a Man Thinketh (James Allen)

  3. The Secret (Rhoda Byrnes)

  4. The Power of Positive Thinking ( Norman Vincent Peale)

  5. Awaken the Giant Within (Tony Robbins)


I leave you with a  wonderful explanation of the power of visualization and intention!


Till next time….Have  fun and dream BIG 🙂

Demi x










2 Replies to “Manifesting Your Big Dreams”

  1. Great post, Demi! I totally believe in the power of visualisation. Like you, I was doing it way before I knew it had a name. I just called it ‘daydreaming’ back then, but daydreaming plus action equals results, right? I wish you all the best on your journey xxx

    1. Thanks Kat! Having purpose in what I do is my daily motivation! Keep dreaming BIG and don’t be afraid to be daring 🙂

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