Beach Hat Makeover

Hi lovely people 🙂

Today I am sharing the ultimate summer accessory – the beach hat (or sun hat or straw hat)! This is the one you should never forget to take with you when you go to the beach but also the one to give you a chic style!

I am one of those people who usually I don’t wear a hat, although I love them very much! I think, like some of you, that some faces(and heads) can wear it better than me. However, I NEVER go to the beach without one! I live in beautiful Greece and the sun, in this part of the world, is scorching hot, so there is no excuse not to wear a summer hat! Protecting your head, hair and face from the sun is a summer rule.

So, if you have an old straw hat, floppy hat or beach hat that needs a makeover, then here is what I did with mine to get some ideas.

beach hat 2

You can use a lot of different materials; from ribbons and twine, to buttons, flowers and seashells!

Here is what I used:


1. I used a blend of ribbon and yarn and made a braid. Measured the circumference of the base of the crown of the hat allowed a bit more, so I can add some beads later.

2.Put the braided ribbon/yarn in place using a hot glue gun.

3. Made some crochet flowers and added a pearl bead in the middle.

4. Stitched the flowers at the base of the crown of the hat.

5. Added more beads at the ends of the ribbon.

beach hat 1

What do you think? It took me less than an hour to crochet the flowers, braid the ribbon/yarn and put everything together! You can add more flowers on your hat but for me that’s perfect. The problem is now to convince my daughter that this hat is for me and not for her 🙂

Well, she looks cute with it though…

beach hat 3

Have a go at making your own summer hat unique and fun! I would love to see any pictures of your summer creations 🙂

Till next time, have fun and stay cool (that is if you leave in a warm country!)

Demi x





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