My reasons to get fit and healthy

Hi lovely people!

Hello July 🙂 We are officially approaching the heart of the summer, the temperatures are rising and the mood is lighter! As always I am setting goals, writing them down and looking ways to accomplish them. There is one goal though that has been with me since the birth of my daughter (six years ago) and that is to go back to my pre-baby fitness levels. Every year I am committed and motivated for a period of time and then in one night (that’s what it feels like) it’s all gone! Back to zero…

How much I hate that! I am a goal digger and I really don’t accept my weakness in this part of life.


I studied and taught Science, so I can’t lie about what I know concerning health and fitness. One thing is to know the science behind it and another thing is to act upon it.

So, my wake-up call was a sciatica problem that came back  with a vengeance. I took enough painkillers and nothing happened. I was feeling really bad for a whole month and decide to go to the doctor. The first thing he said to me is: lose weight and exercise. That was it!! Yes, I know…why something bad needs to happen before we take action? Why do we think that our body does not deserve respect? Why do we forget that our body is our temple and that will take us anywhere we want to go?

I told myself to forget about the past, because that is not where I live now. Even if in my youth I was fit and healthy, it does not matter now. What matters is right here, right now!

And I have strong enough reasons why I need to be fit and healthy:

  1. Be confident (that involves being able to wear what I want and be happy with my image on the mirror)
  2. Play with my daughter ( running, cycling, swimming etc)
  3. Improve my overall health (no more back pain)
  4. Be a role model for my daughter (positive, successful and goal-oriented woman)
  5. Thrive (be the best!)

fitness 1

So, this is how I am going to achieve this:

Firstly, I made an investment; I bought a cross trainer. So, no more excuses of going to the gym and lack of time. It is here in my home and I jump on it as soon as I come back from work.

I have set myself small targets every week and working hard towards achieving them. My aim is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes a lot of exercise and good, nutritious food. I live in Greece, so following the Mediterranean diet is easy; add the sunny weather and my plan is in motion.

Secondly, I no longer think of the past; I look ahead; I don’t try to do a quick fix; I am becoming someone else; I am transforming myself! I am so happy and my family is happy for me too. The latter brings me to my next point; support and encouragement!

Yes, it is very important that the people close to you understand how serious you are about your fitness goals. I am not expecting my family and friends to say ‘it’s okay; you can have a cheat day or take a few days off’. I actually want/need them to remind me how strongly I feel about my goals.

Ultimately, all goals are met when one believes in themselves; and I believe in myself now more than ever before. I know some of you know exactly what I am talking about. I am ready for the challenge, are you?

I created two prints to motivate me and keep me going and I would like to share them with you. So, go ahead and print a copy for yourselves or someone who you think will like it or need some encouragement.

to print you FREE copy click the link below

Print 1

to print you FREE copy click the link below

Print 2

Many of you will appreciate and understand that the start is always the hardest but genuine encouraging comments can go a long way. I need them and since my journey is a long one, I will never be bored with receiving them. Do the same for your friends or family that is going through a similar phase. Any person with big ambitions deserves a boost in confidence!

Before I go, I will share with you some of my favorite YouTube channels!

  1. Yoga with Adriene (she is just so cool and the workout is fun)

2. Natalia Kern (a busy mom; short workouts, so you can combine as many as you have time for)

3. FitnessBlender (a fantastic couple with amazing workouts that make you sweat!!)


Please, comment below if you or someone you know has been in a similar situation and what helped them achieve their goals!

Thank you, in advance 🙂

Demi x










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