Father’s Day DIY Gift Idea

Hi again 🙂 Father’s Day is around the corner…

Celebrating Father’s Day has only been a part of my life  since the birth of my daughter, Phaedra. Since that day, I am grateful and thankful that my little one has such a wonderful dad. There are no words to describe the emotions and feelings that surround their relationship. I am  secretly watching both of them interact and I am so proud. I am proud of him that, despite the challenges of everyday life, he is always there…present for our daughter. He is encouraging, caring, loving and strong and I know she is the luckiest girl in the world 🙂

father and daughter

I never had this bond with my dad. I know how it feels not to have that. But Phaedra is enjoying the warmth and security of her dad’s presence and that makes my heart flutter every time I see them together.

Let’s go back to the gift that my daughter and I secretly prepared. My daughter is a creative person like her mom and sometimes we get carried away 🙂

I created (with the help of my daughter) a digital print and it is FREE for you all to download!!!

father frame

click here to download your FREE copy


We also created a little book of love. Phaedra drew the cover and inside she made drawings of her and her daddy! How sweet!

we added some more little things, like chewing gum and sweets 🙂 and the gift is ready! What do you think?



Daddy is in the middle of the heart! She has even drawn his beard -how cute!!!
sorry for not publishing a picture of the gift all wrapped up. Phaedra is planning to put more things inside, which I have no idea what they are – surprise!!!!

The last thing we added inside is a bucket of love and a rainbow of kisses!!!

We love you daddy…you are the best!!

Demi x




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