Teacher’s DIY Gift Idea

teacher's gift idea

Hey all! School’s out!!!

The school year is coming to an end and everyone has mixed feelings about it! On one hand, everyone is looking forward to summer and the beach, on the other hand, here in Greece the school holidays in the summer are way too long…three months to be exact! Yes, I know…what do we all do with our kids? That’s another blog post all together:) But this post is about a special person in my daughter’s life; her teacher!

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
                                                                                                                                  Albert Einstein


It has been a wonderful year and that is thanks to her amazing teacher! It is so important in life to have an  inspiring and encouraging teacher that loves what they’re doing! Children respect teachers  like that and look up to them. Phaedra, my daughter loves school and her teacher even more. I remember on Fridays she will say “I will miss my teacher mommy; I won’t see her for two whole days”. Children are so honest with their feelings and I love it when she expresses herself like that.




The last few days we have been putting together a gift  for her teacher to say ‘thank you’ for a truly amazing year! I love this process of collecting cute, useful and colorful things for someone special. My daughter too…

As always, I looked around online to find something summery and colorful and I found this. ISn’t it cool?


(Kim Byers-celebration shopee )I am always amazed by the creativity of people. I thought these flip flops are really fun 🙂 Thanks Kim Byers for the FREE printable flip flop!

After printing, I cut the flip flops carefully and then glued them on card paper. We wrote wishes on the bottom of the flip flops for her teacher!



Inside the gift envelope we put a small crochet coin purse that I made earlier this week! You can select anything you like but I truly believe a handmade gift can go a long way!! Be creative; teachers love unique and customed-made presents!





















So here are a few pictures of the things we put together.



Phaedra made sure a piece of art is included in the gift envelope.  It is her way of showing someone how special they are! I love that children are not afraid to use colors and express their feelings through them 🙂


Time to put everything inside the envelope (I made my own using card paper and a template I found online).

Teacher's 4

A pretty ribbon and the Teacher’s Gift is ready! We hope she likes it 🙂

teacher's 3

Simple but all done by hand and with lots of love! And above all, me and Phaedra really enjoyed it 🙂

Demi x



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