Desire & Expectancy

Desire & Expectancy – a little trick!

To desire something means to want something strongly. All people have desires but not all of them are able to materialize them. People want and wish different things. Some are material things and other are deeper cravings and feelings. Starting from a new pair of shoes to a new car but also going even further to needing a new home or even a state of being.


All these wishes and requests are not always satisfied. Why is that? Isn’t the desire strong enough? Are they any obstacles?

The real reason that most people don’t get to fulfill their desires is because expectancy is absent. You can desire something strongly but if there is no expectancy that this is going to happen, then nothing will.

What do we mean by expectancy? It is as simple as the feeling of certainty that something is going to happen.

How is that possible if someone is not sure of the way or the means of getting closer to their desire?

That’s the trick! You have to know and feel the certainty that it WILL happen. You have to have faith that this is there for you and you are on your way to get it. Even better… you have to feel already in possession of it, and let yourself experience the joy of having it.

It is a trick…a trick of the mind! You only need to convince your mind that this is real and is there waiting for you!

Don’t forget that our mind is so powerful but can only function with what ‘instructions’ we provide it with.


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Think about your dream home…visualize it and try to put yourself inside it! How would it feel to be there? What furniture would it have? What colors? By doing this, you make your brain to think that it is in possession of that thing you desire!! The more you do that, the more you tap into this frequency of expectancy!



Only then you are ready to receive. Yes, the universe will conspire to make it happen. And you already have a place for it in your life 🙂

Remember, desire on its own is just wishful thinking! Desire & Expectancy is a powerful tool to achieve everything you always wanted.

And before I go, I will leave you with a video that shows exactly what someone feels when reaching a goal! It is the wonderful performance of Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness!


♥ Love ♥

Demi x


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