Thoughts into Things-the first step

Monthly Motivation – May

The beginning of each month is special to me, because I feel like writing again my short-term goals, which of course feed into my Master Plan.

In order to do that though, I need to put myself in that particular ‘zone’ of motivational heaven. So, I introduce you to my monthly motivational and inspirational post!

I will be giving you a free motivational/inspirational printable wall art each month but most importantly I will be sharing with you some of my experience 🙂

Thoughts into Things – the first step.

How many of you have actually thought about doing things that you actually enjoy but very quickly dismiss it, because of your current status? I bet a lot of you…  And just to be even more precise, pretty much everyone on this planet does so. Who are though the ones that turn their thoughts into actual things? It is quite simple…The people that have set themselves clear goals!

I know that some of you will say that ‘I always set goals’ or ‘a realistic goal is not becoming a millionaire’ but I will disagree.

Setting goals and turning your thoughts and dreams into things is about thinking BIG! Whatever image you hold in your head about ‘an ideal situation’ or ‘a dream life’ is possible to turn it into reality.

No…you are not a magician, and nobody is suggesting that, BUT you are capable of all the great things other people enjoy. You are only a breath away from living the DREAM!


You know the expression ‘living the dream’ is not a joke or something to describe others. It is an expression for the people that dared to believe that dreams are possible and worked on them.

Working on your thoughts and dreams is really all it takes to get where you want. Nobody is saying that it won’t be tough but what is in front of you is YOUR LIFE the way you want to live it!

So, start by doing the first step to turning some of those thoughts into things and that is setting some goals. Start from daily goals, to weekly, to monthly, to yearly and of course say clearly where you want to be in five or ten years from now.

Hold a clear picture of your ultimate goal and bring it in you mind every time you feel disappointed or less motivated. Every person that reaches their goals knows exactly what it feels like to live the dream…because they were mentally there all along!

Here is a video about The Power of Visualization:

A little exercise by Anthony Robbins! It reminds us that we have certain beliefs about our abilities that we most often are wrong, and it shows us how easy it is to change that.

Try it out!!

I leave you with my first FREE printable motivational wall art! Click here and you will get a PDF file of the print (and not the framed one!)

may 1

Have a fantastic month and let’s set some serious goals 🙂

Demi x




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