A Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Kitchen Organizer

mother's day gift

Hi everyone!

Mother’s Day is approaching and I have been thinking about the kind of gift I will give to my mommy! Personally, I like to give things that are useful and practical. I  know my mother hates clutter and that’s why I decided to make something that has a purpose.

So, I looked around my home for spare materials, brainstormed a few ideas and decided… A hanging Kitchen Organizer! My mother is a fantastic cook and she will definitely love it.  It is actually very simple and no sewing is required.

kitchen 1



One hanger (preferably wooden)

A tea towel

A yarn needle

Thick thread (I used cotton yarn)


Hot glue gun

kitchen 4

First, lay the tea towel on a table and decide how deep you want the pockets to be. I stitched the sides and then the middle part to create two pockets.

Then, add the hanger on the top of the tea towel. I recommend you don’t stitch that part, and use buttons or something that can be removed; this way you can wash it without ruining it!!

kitchen 3

From this point on you can let your creativity flow and decorate it. Use anything that  you have in your crafts box, some examples include buttons, felt flowers/hearts, crochet flowers, crochet hearts, beads and ribbons!


kitchen 2

This is my Mother’s Day Gift creation and I am actually quite proud of myself … I am sure my mommy will be too 🙂

Remember, give your mother something that tells her what a great job she’s done; and what a better way than give her your creation.


Demi x


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