Granny Square Bookmark

Hello everyone!

Today, I have decided to share with you a simple and useful project; A granny square bookmark!

granny square bookmark

There are two reasons why I chose this project! Firstly, as you know if you are a yarn-lover, there is plenty of scrap yarn that needs to be used! I have a no-waste attitude and I love quick and easy creations. Secondly, I needed a colorful bookmark that is unique(and of course it shows my addiction with yarn)! So, I think I achieved both 🙂

A bookmark is useful to the people that adore books, like me, in its real form-paper! So, if you are a book-lover or you want to make a gift for one, then you found the right place!!

I think I mentioned before that I love granny squares; and this project is one more opportunity to share this love!


crochet hook 3mm


scrap yarn – any color

yarn needle

granny square bookmark

Mini Granny Square Pattern

  1. slip knot
  2. ch3
  3. crochet 2 dc stitches into the base chain
  4. ch2
  5. 3 dc
  6. ch2
  7. 3 dc
  8. ch2
  9. 3 dc
  10. ch2
  11. slip stitch

granny square bookmark

Create as many mini granny squares you want.  The length of your bookmark is not standard; just see what is more convenient for you.

After all mini granny squares are done, then we need to join them together. You will need a yarn needle for that. Stitch all of them together and you should end up with a strip of mini granny squares.

If you want, you can do a sc around the bookmark to give it more shape! It is really up to you.

granny square bookmarkGood luck 🙂

Demi x




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  1. Ooo, I love quick and simple projects! And what a great scrap buster!

    1. Thanks!! It is great, especially when you have lots and lots of mini-balls of yarn!

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