New Year – New Goals

How did that first month of the New Year go so far?

Did you stick to your New Year’s resolutions? Did you make promises and then said ‘how the hell am I going to fit everything in?’


Well, there we are; the end of the first month of 2016 and most of us are punishing ourselves for not being sharp enough or motivated enough to provide results to our ‘hungry’ inner self. I am one of them. I am the one that loves making lists and promises to myself.

The problem is not what I want but how I go about getting it. What I mean by that is the pure notion that all these ‘things’ that I want need to happen now…quickly…and if they don’t, then…BOOM! My whole year is in pieces right from the start! What am I missing out? What is it that I don’t do right?

new year goals

Since reading is one of my passions, I turned to some of my favorite literature mentors, such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Robert Greene, and Napoleon Hill. In their work I found the answers but also plenty of questions to ask myself.

So here is how you can achieve success and results in whatever you set out for in 2016!

1. Positive attitude
Yes, it is your attitude that stinks and needs to change. Your frame of mind is the make-or-break factor. Every single day you wake up to a day that will be determined by those first few seconds of you getting out of bed. Goods news is that YOU control that attitude and no one else. So, put out there your best smile and a joyful attitude and the positive results will come to you! It takes work and I know, believe me, how hard it is to break bad habits. Changing our subconscious thinking is not an easy job at all but it can be done. Replacing bad habits with good habits can only be measured with results and there is only one way to find out; DO IT!

2. Love Time
Time is our friend and not our enemy. Love the fact that time is an asset and should only be used as that. Give your self time to change and apply new ideas, new habits and new attitude. Learn in time and enjoy time. Allow time to learn something new and apply it; to read something and embrace it; to plant something and see it grow! Follow the seasons and see that there is time to sow and time to reap.

3. Commit to Self-improvement
I am not only talking about eating less and exercising more; make a commitment to become a better version of yourself; an evolved version that is better, stronger and healthier. Have a desire to be the best you can be; not in the eyes of your family and friends but your inner eyes! You need to be proud of who you are and what you see in the mirror needs to reflect that. Go on then, do things that will make you the best you can be!

4. Focus on one Major Goal
I am not talking about a major goal for this year but your Life’s Purpose, your Calling, your Life’s Task or whatever you want to call it. Everything you do every minute, every hour, every day should be the puzzle pieces to your Major Goal. Take these steps towards that and when you eat, sleep, breath have this in mind. Make this to be your true guide and the only real measure of everything you do.

5. Embrace Setbacks
Start looking at your setbacks as an opportunity to grow and learn. Every obstacle can be a gift; a chance for reflection and evaluation of your actions. Check where you are and what you have accomplished. This is going to determine where you need to go. Write it down; it always helps to write things down and look back at them in a few months and see the progress you’ve made.

6. Be S.M.A.R.T.
I first learned about SMART targets and goals when I was a science teacher a few years ago. I never thought that this would be relevant to my life later on! But it is, and it applies to anything you put in your mind to achieve. Setting SMART goals is for the only way to reach the BIG goal; my life’s purpose.
So SMART is:


I could easily add more points to my list but I will stop here. I am certain that these six tips can really make a difference in how you see yourself this year. If you are already living the life you want and have already accomplished all your major goals-well done! For the rest of us, the journey starts when you say it does. Mine started last year and is progressing well. I have faith in my ability to push through my boundaries and so should you! If not Now, When!
Good Luck 🙂
Demi x


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